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Image by Anna Sullivan

Tepa Visual was created because of the passion for conceptual design and architectural visualization. We love bringing design ideas into high quality realistic 3D renderings for our discerning clientele, helping them with visualizing final outcomes early, presenting to clients, making informed decisions, aiding in design refinements, and elevating marketing efforts. 

Using primarily Sketch-up Pro and Enscape, we're able to build scalable 3D models of spaces and objects, incorporate material textures, set up lighting, and create stunning photorealistic images and video animations that will boost your design's value.


Tamatea was born and raised between Tahiti & Moorea before moving to O'ahu to pursue his college degree. He has always had an interest in building, crafting things and making art, so doing 3D Modeling & Renderings through CAD softwares felt like an expression of that. 


Tama learns to design essentially from being a craftsman/carpenter. When he's not building & designing, you can find him surfing, going to the beach with his wife, and/or perpetuating his culture through Polynesian dance and activities like weaving, coconut tree climbing, fire knife dancing & many other things.

Tamatea believes that Visualization is a powerful tool in both projects and life, so he's grateful to be able to help his clients witness their ideas becoming real with photorealistic visuals.


our mission is your vision

Coming from humble beginnings, we believe in doing good things to attract good things, so we always aim to give a little more and provide solutions of the

highest quality. 

At Tepa Visual, we strive to make your investment and trust in our services exceed your expectations.  

communicate your vision with stunning life-like 3D visuals


READY TO put a visual to your ideas?

Collaborate with Tepa Visual on a creative partnership, and Experience the "wow effect" of your design ideas being brought to life! 

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