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  • What services do you offer?
    At Tepa Visual we provide a variety of visuals for your architecture, interior & exterior designs. We do specialize in realistic 3D renderings, offering image and/or video renders, along with floor plans to illustrate your interior & exterior design ideas as real and detailed as possible. We also offer simple 2D drawings for custom fabrication of doors, windows, and cabinetry.
  • How do I book a service with Tepa Visual?
    To book a service with us, you can just click on the "get a quote" or "get started" buttons in our Home page or in our Services Page.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    Turnaround times vary based on the size, complexity, details, and specifications of your project. It can range from 3 days to a few weeks.
  • What do I need to provide you with to create my renderings?
    In order to create scalable renderings, we need your ideas and dimensions. The more information we receive, the better we can work. We accept any existing plans, CAD drawings, 3D models, or rough sketches with dimensions.
  • What is the process working with you?
    Our process starts with a request for information via a questionnaire and/or a consultation to understand your vision and ideas. We send you a proposal with quote and contract. When the proposal is approved, signed, and secured, we begin with layout & planning, followed by a systematic 3D modeling process, then colors, materials, appliances & amenities selection, and finally rendering and textures application from constructive feedbacks & communication between you and Tepa Visual.
  • How does working with Tepa Visual will help us?
    Specializing in realistic 3D renderings, we can assist with illustrating your design intents and transform technical drawings into photorealistic visuals, helping not only with client presentations, but also with design refinements, and marketing efforts. And vice-versa, we can assist with the creation of technical drawings (or 2D drawings) to help off load some of the tasks that may stop you from taking on more projects. Having experience in project coordination & management, we can also assist you with that side of things.
  • How would you be collaborating with us?
    When collaborating with you, our top priority will be EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. We are committed to constant communication & constructive feedbacks to eliminate misinterpretations and ensure right execution of project objectives whether it is for rendering services, technical drawings, or project managements.
  • What is the process working with Tepa Visual?
    As far as rendering & technical drawings services, the process will be the same as mentioned in the "General" category of our FAQs. For all other inquiries, we will discuss it with you more thoroughly, and come to an agreement to achieve and meet your standards & expectations. Again, working with Tepa Visual is based on effective communication.
  • How beneficial is it to work with Tepa Visual?
    Very beneficial! Thanks to our construction background, we understand the pain points caused by unclear design intents and mistakes that can happen with misinterpreted design objectives. At Tepa Visual, we help you save time & money on the long run by communicating your vision, the way you envision it. Allowing you to receive more accurate bids from contractors, or helping you to budget more effectively, and plan accordingly.

READY To put a visual to your ideas?

Collaborate with Tepa Visual on a creative partnership, and Experience the "wow effect" of your design ideas being brought to life! 

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